Meeting with the employer

Today, on April 20, a meeting with representatives of the education sector took place at the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology. The meeting was attended by an employee of the marketing department of the University F.Maksetov, director of school No. 38 of the Chimbay district G.Abdullayeva, methodologist of the Academic Lyceum of the Karakalpak State University A.Yusupov, faculty faculty and 4th year students.

The meeting was held by the dean of the faculty B.Nurymbetov, in which, in his opening speech, he focused on the work carried out today at the faculty on the employment of graduate students, and also told the guests about the faculty, its graduates in the 2022/2023 academic year.

The director of the school No. 38 of the Chimbay district G.Abdullayeva made a speech in which she wished all graduates to finish their studies with good results first, and then the employer told about the school and about the wide opportunities created in it. Russian Russian is a school with more than 2,000 students, it is taught mainly in Russian, and subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, specialists are needed to teach in Russian. A student who knows his specialty well and has a Russian language will definitely find a job at the school.

The methodologist of the Academic Lyceum of Karakalpak State University A.Yusupov made a speech in which he told the final year students that the teaching profession requires great responsibility, it needs to be approached responsibly, without showing indifference. He noted that every professional working there requires strong knowledge that the level of students studying there is high. Last year, the admission rate of lyceum graduates to higher education was 82%, which means that the requirements for lyceum teachers are very high to achieve such a result, and invited good gifted students to work at the lyceum in their specialty.

Specialist of the Department of University Marketing Service F.Maksetov noted that the university is working on the employment of graduate students. It is necessary to fill out the trilateral contracts between the university, students and employers in a timely and correct manner. Students should actively participate in the labor fair, which the university administration plans to hold in the coming days.

The participants of the meeting called on all young people to properly use the opportunities that our state creates today to gain knowledge, to become masters of their profession and specialists who contribute to the development of our country after graduation.

At the end of the meeting, the students received answers to their questions.

Student of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology Nilufar Kuzdibaeva