In 2009, the department of technology at KSU opened a bachelor’s degree in the specialty 5522500 technology of oil and gas processing. Since 2012, the department was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor M.Zh.Aymbetov. In the same year, a magistracy was opened in the specialty 5A522504 of oil refining “Oil and its chemical technology” was reorganized in September 2014 into the department of oil and gas, where at that time the department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor Z.Uzaqbergenova.In 2013, bachelor specialists were trained in the specialty 5311900 – Development and operation of oil and gas fields. Professors – teachers, experienced specialists from the Chemical Processing of Oil and Gas Department of the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, the Department of Oil and Gas Technology of the Tashkent State Technological University, the Russian State University (and Tashkent branch) named after I.M. Gubkin. In addition, on the basis of the agreement of the department of oil and gas technologies with large production joint ventures,chemical complex “Bukhara Oil Refinery”, “Mubarek Gas Processing Plant” “Ustyurt Gas” LLC, JV “Uz – kor Gas Chemical” OOO According to the curriculum, students undergo practical training by learning gas from oil and gas processing technologies from experienced engineers. The department also carries out scientific and research work in conjunction with the Inorganic Chemical Institute of the Department of Karakalpakstan Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Research Institute of Natural Sciences for research and training.The department has concluded an agreement on joint activities with the Kungrad Industrial and Gas – Industrial College.


 Professors, teachers working at the department


Naubeyev Temirbek Khasetullaevich, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor, was born on April 5, 1977 in the Kegeyly region. In 2001 he graduated from KSU. In 2011, he defended his thesis on the topic Astragalus chivensis Bunge and Astragalus flexus Fish, in the specialty 02.00.10.In 2011, he defended his thesis on the topic Astragalus chivensis Bunge and Astragalus flexus Fish, in the specialty 02.00.10. Bioorganic chemistry at the specialized council of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences at the Institute.

More than 50 scientific papers published in print. Of these, 3 teaching manuals were printed, since 2015 he has been working as the head of the department of oil and gas technology.


Also at the department are: Senior Lecturer A. Mambetsharipova, assistants I. Sapashov, A. Eshmuratov, E. Sanetullaev, and instructors-interns: B. Artykbaeva, J. Babazhanov, S. Svaykosov and K. Kalekeeva.