History of faculty

The faculty was formed in 1943 as the “Department of Natural Sciences-Geography” as part of the Institute of Teachers, and in 1948 the department was awarded the status of a faculty. In connection with the opening of the Nukus State University in 1976, the faculty was transformed into the”Faculty of Chemistry and Biology”.

In 1991, the Faculty of Chemistry was opened. The faculty was headed by: in 1991-1995 Docent  J.Kurbanov, in 1995-2000 Docent K.Ibragimov, in 2000-2005 B.Bektursinov, in 2005-2006 years Docent R.Tlegenov.

Since new fields for the training of technological engineers were opened on December 12, 2012, the faculty has been transformed into the Faculty of Chemistry- Technology. The faculty was headed by: 2006-2012 years M.Ayymbetov, 2012-2013 years B.Nurimbetov, 2013-2014 years A.Pirniyazov, 2014-2017 years D.Tureniyazova, 2017-2018 years R.Kurbaniyazov. Since June 2018, the faculty has been headed by Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Docent B.Nurimbetov.

Departments of the Faculty:

  1. Department of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry
  3. Department of Chemical Technology


The education system

Bachelor’s degree directions:

  1. 5140500-Chemistry
  2. 5320400-Chemical technology (inorganic substances)
  3. 5321000-Food technology (meat, dairy and canned products)

Master’s degree specialties:

  1. 5A140501-chemistry (by branches of science)
  2. 5A320401 Chemical technology (Chemical technology of inorganic substances)
  3. 5A320401 Chemical Technology (Chemical technology of inorganic substances) (according to the joint curriculum)

Specialty of the doctoral program:

  1. 02.00.13-Technology of inorganic substances and materials based on them.

Teaching staff

Research and teaching activities at the departments are conducted by 48 teachers (main staff) and 6 part-timers, including 2 Doctors of Sciences, Professor A.Reimov and M.Allaniyazova, 14 candidates of Sciences, docents – B.Nurimbetov, A.Sharipova, Z.Djumanazarova, B.Xojametova, B.Tanirbergenov, M.Ayimbetov, D.Tureniyazova, G.Genjemuratova, M.Djumamuratova, K.Uteniyazov, Z.Uzakbergenova, A.Pirniyazov, Z.Djumanova, M.Madenov and O.Seitnazarova. Cooperating scientists, such as Academician Sh.Namazov, professors A. Seitnazarov, H. Akbarov and others.

Research activities

The teaching staff of the faculty, along with teaching students, also conducts scientific work. The faculty carried out research grants funded from the state budget in 2017-2018 under the leadership of B. Nurimbetov on the topic OT-A-14-25 “Development of the composition and technology of heat-insulating composite materials based on modified vermiculite” and under the leadership of M.Allaniyazova in 2018-2020 on the topic PZ-2017092765 “Development of technology for creating and obtaining a drug with fungicidal properties that coordinates wheat growth based on glycyrrhizic acid isolated from the rhizome of Shirmia”.

Currently, a scientific project is being carried out at the faculty on the topic: “Creation of a technology for obtaining sorbents from local raw materials (coal, bentonite) for wastewater and drinking water treatment in the Republic of Karakalpakstan” (project manager assoc. A.Sharipova).

A lot of work is being done at the faculty to train scientific staff. In 2020, M. Allaniyazova, in 2021 A. Abdikamalova received the degree of Doctor of Sciences, and in 2021 O. Seitnazarova and G. Dosanova received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Students of the faculty undergo practical training in industrial enterprises, such as the Kungrad Soda Plant, Karakalpak Cement, Titanium cement, Nukus polymer, in the research institute of the Karakalpak branch of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

International cooperation

The Faculty has established partnerships with foreign research centers and higher educational institutions. Among them there are the Belarusian State Technological University, the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev National University, Kharkiv National University, Gumilyov Eurasian National University and others.

The teaching staff of the faculty is undergoing training and experience exchanging in prestigious foreign research centers and higher educational institutions.