Initiative theme: Obtaining binding materials based on local raw materials of Karakalpakstan

Relevance of the topic.

Studies aimed at the integrated and rational use of local raw materials are relevant, since after the collapse of the USSR, economic ties between the former Soviet republics significantly deteriorated and the republic’s national economic need for industrial products, especially building materials, should be satisfied mainly due to local production, and manufactured products based on local raw materials for quality and other parameters should not yield to those brought from outside cure full import substitution.

The Republic of Karakalpakstan is rich in natural minerals that serve as raw materials – gypsum, ganch, limestone, including marls, which are represented by Muynak, Ustyurt, Porlytau, Akburlin, Hodzhakul, and other deposits, of which the Akburly and Porlytau deposits are the most promising.

At the same time, these marls are practically not studied and are not used in the national economy, although they can be excellent raw materials for the production of binding materials that are widely used, in particular, for the production of silicate blocks (wall materials), bricks, anti-filtration coatings on the side canal walls, etc.

In accordance with the above, this work is devoted to the study of the fundamental possibility of obtaining lime-belite binders (IBV) based on marls from the Akburly and Porlytau deposits of Karakalpakstan, identifying the conditions for their optimal heat treatment, studying the phase composition and properties of the products obtained, developing ways to regulate the production processes and hydration structure. in the IBE under consideration, their rational use for the production of some silicate products. The paper shows that under conditions of hydrothermal treatment using local mineral fillers, it is possible to significantly improve the properties of the obtained IBI, which will make it possible to connect local raw materials for the needs of the national economy of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.


The purpose of the work is to obtain and regulate the properties of hydration structures in calc-belite binders based on marls of Karakalpakstan.

Accordingly, with this goal, the research task included:

– selection and physico-chemical characteristics of the studied marl and mineral fillers;

– Establishment of heat treatment modes for marls to obtain IBW without and with the addition of quartz sand;

– study of the properties of IBW and their improvement by regulating the processes of the HS with the use of local mineral fillers in normal conditions;

– regulation of the processes of HS in IBV by applying local mineral fillers in hydrothermal conditions;

– production of autoclaved products based on IBV.