A curatorial council was established at the faculty. Assistant of the Department of General and Organic Chemistry A.Sultanov was elected the head of the council.

The council consists of 5 teachers, composed of R.Kalimbetova, Assistant of the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Z. Bekmuratova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Chemical Technology, G. Sultanov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty, B.Palvanov was elected Dean.

The faculty has 71 academic groups, 52 teachers are appointed as curators of the group. The curator council functions in accordance with the approved plan. In the “Information and Coaching Hours” group curators acquaint students with the educational process, as well as with the internal rules of the university, as well as with socio-economic and political events in the country and in the world, prepared by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan. Also in the last week of each month, the curators have a special plan that holds cultural events, meetings, round tables, “Day of Spirituality”, aimed at educating students in the spirit of the Motherland.