September 9, 2018 D.Abadanov, 4th year student, was elected leader of the Primary Organization of the Union of Youth. The purpose of the initial organization of the SM are:

– education of youth in the spirit of patriotism;

– the proper conduct of their time;

– strengthening their health and healthy lifestyle;

– prevention of drug addiction, smoking and other bad habits.

Holds various contests, meetings, intellectual games, sports competitions and events on a special plan. Examples include actions under the slogans: “We are for a healthy lifestyle”, “Sport is the key to a healthy life”, “Environmental protection” – in which about 700 students of the faculty took part. As well as to this day, under the slogan “Health is the main wealth” various sports games like football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis are held.

There are 71 academic groups in the Faculty, in each of which 1 leader is elected and, being a member of the Primary Organization of the SM, they actively participate in all cultural events and competitions of the faculty.